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  1. The information regarding the Divine Mercy given below is from my book entitled “Novena Icons” which explains a bit more about where that image comes from. Glad I could help. salliesart.

    Most non-Polish speaking people, refer to the saint as Faustina which is the Anglicization of her name. St. Faustyna was one of 10 children. With so many mouths to feed, she had to go to work after completing grade 3. She was deeply spiritual and felt called to enter religious life. She gained entrance into the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Warsaw. Even though she was a simple sister, working mainly in the kitchen and the garden, it was to her that Christ Jesus began appearing. He showed her an image of Himself that he wanted painted. The image has come to be known as that of Divine Mercy for it shows rays of light coming from the heart of Jesus. He said these represented the blood and water flowing from His heart at His crucifixion and now represented divine mercy ever flowing. He was very concerned that the availability of His Mercy be made know to everyone. Today several versions of this painting exist, but the one I have drawn her holding is the most traditional one. Jesus also told her to write at the bottom of the painting: “Jesus I Trust in You”.
    Please pray St. Faustyna that we may never forget that the abyss between our Lord and ourselves has been bridged by His tender mercy. He will continue to be faithful and heal us of anything which stands in the way of His Will. Let me remember the prayer Our Lord gave you to give to the world: “Jesus, I trust in You”. Please intercede for me before the Throne of Mercy, asking Our Lord to grant my prayer (mention your request). Amen.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. It´s a nice story. I have a short passage about how I started to paint (2 years ago), I never had painted before (only when I was a child), if you want to read this little story (great for me) I´ll send you a link with the post, but only if you are interested.

      Thank you so much in advance, I hope to hear from you soon.


      P. Melitón.

      • Hi Sallie. Due to the link I was going to send you is in Spanish language, I´ve decided to post it today, the little story about my inspiration and why I started to paint. I´m going to dedicate this post to you (specially) and everyone that follows my blog.
        I hope you enjoy it, and please leave all the comments you want.
        Thank you Sallie, and I hope you like it.
        P. Melitón.

      • Please send me the link as soon as you have posted it. I am looking forward very much to reading about how you were inspired to begin to develop your talent. Thanks again for your kind words. Sallie

      • Finally, the post I promised. I hope you enjoy it and understand well. My english is still very poor.
        Click the link below.
        P. Melitón.

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