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  1. That is truly a wonderful dream you experienced (and I must say that your English is quite good — your phrasing is more Spanish than English, but still it is quite understandable). Anyway, back to your dream. Finding Him is the goal of anyone who has met Christ Jesus. Once you know Him and His love for you, then you can’t imagine anything more important. And, of course, His mother, our Lady Mary, always leads us to Him. She intercedes for us all, continually praying that we may find her Son. She always tells us just as she told the servants at the wedding of Cana: “Do whatever He tells you to do.”
    Having said all that, I still am not clear as to how this dream led you to desire to learn to draw and paint! You have done a lot of work on the Sacred Heart and the Divine Mercy, but you have done other works as well that are unrelated — or so they appear. Anyway, I will wait and see what you have to say in response. S.T.

    • Hi, Sarah you´re right!! I´ve never painted before.
      I had this dream and I had the need of painting, and painting. I´ve painted “Divine Mercy”, “Virgin with sleeping child”, “Sacred Heart”, “María”, a little “Romanic Virgin and Jesus child”, etc. I´ve never been a believer, but this dream change my concept and my mind. I´ve created this blog due to the dream. I didn´t know how to interpret the dream, the words, etc. It would be very interesting to have a dream interpretation.
      This is only my opinion, and I´m still trying to find the meaning of this dream, and of course of my life.
      Thank you for respond.
      Hope to hear from you soon.
      P. Melitón.

      • I don’t think you need to try to find someone to interpret the dream for you as to me it seems quite obvious — although I could be wrong. First off, your father asked something of you that you couldn’t do (this may have more to do with your relationship with your father than the dream). Whatever it means, his request drove you inside the building which sounds very much like a church. It was filled with people you did not know which could refer to the fact that you have separated yourself from the Church, the Body of Christ. Then the greatest gift was that Our Lady appeared to you doing what she always does — pointing us to Jesus. When she told you that you must seek for and find Him, she was directing you to ask Jesus to help you know Him. This, of course, requires Confession with the desire to really change your life and do things His way as well as receiving Him in the Blessed Sacrament as often as possible. Getting to Him as a real Person — the Friend who will never leave you no matter what. Once you have really known Him in the Eucharist then you can’t help but love Him, especially as you read the Gospels. The table holding the map (God’s plan for your life) is like an altar and an altar is where sacrifice is offered. In learning to love we are called upon to make sacrifices. In marriage, in the priesthood, whatever vocation God has mapped out for us, we are always asked to lay down our life for the other. Failure to be willing to do this is why so many marriages do not last these days and why there are not as many vocations to the priesthood — we want to do what we want, not what God knows is best for us. Just think, my friend, you had a powerful dream in which Our Lady appeared to you and actually took you hand — she gave you just a tiny glimpse of Heaven by the feelings you experienced — and she reminded you that God, who loved you into existence, has a plan for your life which involves, as all God’s plans for us do, finding Him, Jesus our Lord. You have indeed been blessed. At the same time you have been shown that there is a divine purpose for your life so you no longer have any excuse. Your next task is to discover, using your “map” (the Gospels and the Sacraments) exactly where and how you will find Him most completely. Sorry for the long comment, but I hope it helps. SarahSallie

      • Hello Sarah,
        thank you very much for the comment. It doesn´t matter the length, the most important is that it´s an amazing comment. I´d like it so much. Today I only be able to thank you the comment because I had no time for more, but I´ll wrote you a little more about this matter.
        Kind Regards and nice weekend.

        P. Melitón.

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